Color Soft Chenille Velvet Yarn


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A selection of different shades of gorgeous, soft and fuzzy, with a plush texture, cotton chenille yarn/thread. 

Gorgeous chenille is suitable for many different art and craft projects, including weaving, embroidery, spinning, textile art, mixed media, creative art, knitting, crochet, collage and rug making, to name a few.

Color Soft Chenille Velvet Yarn Features: 

  • Chenille material: cotton and polyester
  • Length: Approx:135M.
  • Weight: Approx: 100g
  • Crochet and batting needle size: 3.5mm-4.0mm round
  • Spinning process: worsted spinning
  • Yarn form: group thread
  • Wash in cold water and be aware that the colours may run.

Package Includes: 

1 x Color Soft Chenille Velvet Yarn

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