Crocheting 57 Piece Starter Kit

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Grab your Discounted Crocheting 57 Piece Starter Kit, while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a certain needle and not being able to find it. The 57-Piece Crocheting Starter Kit solves this by providing you with an easily transportable case so you’ll never risk losing a needle and not being able to work on or complete a project.

Our soft silicone handles crochet hooks reduces and eliminate arthritis, carpal tunnel and cramping in your hands, wrists and fingers; comfortable no slip grip, the cushioned handle combined with lightweight needles means less pressure, no more hand fatigue

It's an ideal gift for mom, girlfriends and crocheting friends!

57 Piece Starter Kit


Crocheting 57 Piece Starter Kit Features:

  • The needle is polished, smooth and easy to use.
  • The soft handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable use.
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material, anti-corrosion, rust-resistant and durable.
  • Length of Knitting Needles:14cm/5.51''(Approx)
  • Size of soft silicone handle aluminum hooks crochet hooks: 2.5mm.3.0mm,3.5mm.4.0mm,4.5mm,5.0mm,6.0mm,6.5mm
  • Size of blue plastic handle crochet hooks: 0.6mm,0.75mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.1mm,1.20mm,1.5mm,1.75mm
  • Size of Box:L*W*H/17*9*2.5cm/6.69*3.54*0.98

Package Includes:

1 x Scissors
1 x Thimble
1 x Tape Measure
2 x Row Counter(1pcs small+ 1pcs large)
3 x Crooked Needle
4 x Tapestry Needle
4 x Needles Point Protectors(2pcs small+ 2pcs large)
8 x Blue Handle Crochet Hooks
8 x Silicone Handle Crochet Hooks
25 x Counting Circular Ring 

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